Who are we?


Nicnax-Granola (GranolaLoves) is an indigenous Nigerian Brand of Granola borne of the necessity to have a healthy breakfast option, which can aid weight loss whilst delighting in the wholesome crunchiness of toasted oats. We're a young company devoted to revolutionizing the breakfast and snacking culture of Nigerians by making yummy healthy cereals, cereal bars and snacks that contribute to the general wellbeing of the consumer and addresses malnutrition nationally.

Made with at least 90% natural produce, our granola captures the essence of all things Nigerian, from our Honey sourced from the home of the Nok Tribe, to our sesame seeds which are sourced from the eastern regions of Nigeria and even our Groundnuts and Cashew Nuts from the riverine areas of Niger Delta. Our quality ingredients are made without artificial chemicals or preservatives allowing you to enjoy them in their purest state.

What Makes Nicnax-Granola Products So Different?

Our products are made of ingredients you can see & pronounce!

Our products are made of ingredients you can see & pronounce! We believe if you can’t pronounce an ingredient, it shouldn’t go into your body, SIMPLE. It shouldn’t even be found in your cupboard. Have you ever checked behind some store bought cereal to see what’s in it? No? You should start! A lot of the so-called ‘healthy’ snack granola and cereal bars undergo intense heat-processing, and are filled with sugary syrups and additives which negative the health benefits of the original ingredients. For example:

"A typical cereal bar can contain as many as 30 ingredients, many of which are completely unrecognizable and quite a lot of which are essentially just several types of sugar. In spite of what it says on the pack we all know that these heavily processed, syrup-laden and additive-filled cereal bars are not really ‘healthy’ at all!" And this is the reason why NICNAX-GRANOLA® products are made from whole nuts, fruits, seeds and whole grains.

Now this is where we come in, this is the ‘Ahh’ moment when you realize that Nicnax-Granola® are different to other granola bars because they’re made with a whole-food approach, which means that we believe in minimal processing and we don’t add any sugar, syrups or un-pronounceable additives to your food. We only use RAW HONEY!! This way you get to eat food as intended by nature, keeping you contented and healthy in mind, body and spirit.