OK so I had gotten to that point in my business I wanted to include good quality granolas to accompany our Greek yoghurt. So one day I was on IG and stumbled on this quirky brand that appealed to me and I did my "findings". You see, I am quite fussy about what I pair with our greeks and then realized I would probably be taking on too much at a time. Once I was comfy....I buzzed her and said....I would want to be your stockist in Ibadan and boom.....the rest is history as they say. I am amazed at how Ibadan has embraced them as we have to make pretty frequent orders. I also love that there are various flavors so you just do you. It will definitely follow us into our upcoming Wellness Café as it's not a brand I'm afraid to associate with.


Wow Ejay!!! Thanks for the granola. Definitely worth every dime and a healthy meal for me. Love mine as a parfait with yogurt and my girls too. Thanks @granolaloves

Ronke Mohs, Lagos

Thank you @granolaloves for yummy and filling granolas. I start most days with yogurt and granola. Won't have it any other way...

Sola Folorunsho, Lagos, Nigeria

Your Granola is the bomb, the crunchiness, flavors , textures in my mouth is worth every spoonful and because it is made of good stuff, I can eat it guilt-free. And that's why it flies off the shelf at our cafe.

Madey Adeboye, CEO Green & Grill House

An absolute delight !! Totally love my fruit granola with yoghurt. The texture is super right for my enjoyment. It's my favorite snack too...

Princess Adeyinka Tekenah,

I am a big fan of granola, but granolaloves took it to the next level. When I tried the granola bar, it tasted so natural. Everything about it tasted fresh, delicious and fulfilling. The oats, honey tasted so original. I order my granola all the way from Dublin as I only put the best in my body system.

Abi Williams, Dublin, Ireland

Taking Nicnax granola loves (nuts) with yogurt is a nutritious breakfast formula for me. It's crunchy taste and refreshing feeling gives me the best value for money. Most interestingly, the fibre content makes me have great bowel movements. I can recommend it for anyone who wants to have a flatter belly.

Chinyere, Lagos

Dear Ej, I really do enjoy your Nicnax-GranolaLoves so much. I can have it on the go and also snack on it. The combo with yogurt is just fantastic.. it's my own power bank through the day. Have a blessed day darling.

Helena, London

GranolaLoves is absolutely delish and irresistible. FoodLove is GranolaLove. Healthy all through.

Joy, Abuja

Hi dear, not only do I like your positive, supportive, cheerful attitude, I also love your brand and I can just see how it's all made with real love. This makes me know it would get to the highest and I would be bragging about how I know you. Well done dear.

Beauty, Lagos

Granolaloves cereals are tasty and nutritious. They're very high quality and that's why I order them all the way from London! They're very healthy and suit my health conscious diet and lifestyle.

Kemka, London

GranolaLoves flapjack series, very handy and healthy snacking options. If you are into nuts, GranaLoves gives you nuts and if you are into fruits, GranolaLoves gives you fruit. Definitely a healthier choice to my naughty snacking choices (did anyone just say plantain chips... hehehe). Well done.

Miss J. Moyosore A., Ikoyi, Lagos

GranolaLoves, very tasty and crunchy with yogurt. I snack my days with the different flavors. I called it my yummilicious granola. Can't do without it oh! Have a taste today.

Dcns. Margaret, Festac, Lagos

GranolaLoves + yoghurt... my #fitfam breakfasts are now so easy.

Nneka, Ajah, Lagos

Granolaloves is truly my granola love. Totally versatile from breakfast to lunch to an evening snack and it tastes great. Crunchy, sweet and filled with the best ingredients, it's my answer to a rumbly tummy. I simply love it.

Uti, Lekki, Lagos

So I was searching for granola and came across GranolaLoves' IG handle then decided to give it a shot. The catch for me was that it was readily available and I didn't have to wait till the next day to get my order like in most cases. Order was delivered in good time and with some extras. The flapjacks were really yummy and creamy. Another plus is the fact that the granola comes in different flavours. Well done Ejiro!

Dae, Lagos

Ejay darling, i love your @nicnaxgranolaloves so much. It's my go to for breakfast and i must absolutely never run out of it. I snack on it and sometimes have it with parfait or yoghurt. God bless you for this yummy greatness.

Oyintola, Abuja