Services Offered


We Do More (Services)

It is no secret that Nicnax is known for its excellent production of food of pre-packaged breakfast, which includes Granola, Oatmeal, and Peanut butter. Amidst all that, there is more to what we do.
Leveraging on our well-equipped factories, we are available to use our latest machinery like industrial mixers, blenders, extruders, etc., which enable us to produce high-quality products for packaging and marketing in a cost-effective way.

Other Things We Do

Private Label Manufacturing

Nicnax offers Private Label Manufacturing for other companies in our line of business. We offer the flexibility to use your label while enjoying the benefits of following our stringent quality control protocols and ensuring that you get a product that meets your needs at an affordable price point.

White Label Manufacturing

Nicnax offers White Label Manufacturing service for whoever needs our quality products. In this process, we create new packaging, new labeling, new marketing materials, and new brand name but with your input on ingredients and marketing strategy.

Employing the latest industry standards

We use the latest manufacturing technologies and practice strict quality management to make sure you get high-quality products every single time.

There is no limit on what we produce. Our products are also available in bulk as requested. At this point, the products are ready to be consumed but not customized.

We're flexible with our clients

You don't need a big capital or decades of experience in food manufacturing - we offer a variety of pricing options and short lead times to accommodate your budget and needs.