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NICNAX-GRANOLA® Love Food, Love Thyself

Nicnax-Granola® granola cereals are made with the exact same whole-food approach. To make our cereals we literally take a measure of oats, fruits, nuts, seeds and a hint of natural flavors and we “massage” these ingredients together to make the most delicious, nutritious and healthy snacks you’ll find anywhere. That’s it! Finally, our products are also vegan. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

Which products to try first?
If you’re new to our products, we’d suggest you try the Nicnax-Granola® Starter Pack. With four yummy flavors of granola (THE NICNAX-GRANOLA QUARTET, Sizes: 340g and 70g) as well as our Flapjack Range. It’s a mixed case you don’t want to miss and you can discover the delights of super healthy and delicious range for yourself. Go ahead and give them a try.


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